"What a fantastic video! Not only are the stories refreshingly honest and

encouraging, but the video work and production was outstanding."

                                                                                                      - Steve


"It was refreshing to be liberated from a checklist of requirements for Biblical courtship

and instead to see God’s guidance in different ways in the lives of three godly couples."

                                                                                                                  - Tricia


"These are real bonafide human beings with real hurt and apprehension,

with real faith and real love. It is so refreshing to see" FULL REVIEW

                                                                                                   - Jessica


"Each family had unique ways of doing things, and unique challenges to face, but God's faithfulness

is evident in their stories. You will be encouraged and blessed by this video!" FULL REVIEW

                                                                                                                            - Jeannie


"It's official. I have a new film to add to my "Top 5" list." FULL REVIEW

                                                                                              - Paulina


"The film was utterly beautiful and at times it left me in tears."

                                                                                       - Angie


"I think that before I watched this movie, I had a stereotype in my head about what kind of people

did courtship. It was nice to see that anyone can do it whether or not they wear dresses

and makeup and whatever else you can think of. Courtship is a heart issue." FULL REVIEW

                                                                                                                 - Young Homemakers


"...profoundly unusual, realistic and applicable."

                                                                - Cindy


Agree or disagree with their methodology or scriptural interpretation, you can't deny

that each of the stories is unique, compelling and interesting, and that Telian

did a fine job of capturing them. CHRISTIAN CINEMA'S FULL REVIEW

                                                                                                - Angela Walker


"My husband and I both saw so much more clearly the picture of Christ

and His Bride. The footage of the weddings is especially moving."

                                                                                                  - Margaret


I also like the consistent stress on marriage being a picture of Christ and His bride,

the church...in our society today, the professing church all too often marginalizes the marriage

process and also tends to marginalize the relationship between Christ and His church. FULL REVIEW

                                                                                                                    - Tony


"...it got me rethinking my 'dream wedding'." FULL REVIEW

                                                            - Katie


"...definitely the best documentary I've seen in a long time!"

                                                                                      - Kayla





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