To Be One takes a fresh look at a very old subject: couples pursuing marriage. Indeed, numerous Christian families are deliberately following God’s call to approach marriage differently than the world around them. To Be One takes a look at three couples who desired to honor God and each other throughout the process.

But what is that process? To Be One illustrates, by its variety of situations, that God’s creativity transcends any method for all to follow. Perhaps some things are left a mystery that is simply too wonderful for us? He is a God of surprises and is able to do far more than we can think or imagine.

To Be One seeks to encourage families and young people by showing real life stories of faith and commitment. Three couples, along with their parents, describe their journeys into marriage. They share their challenges and victories during this pivotal time in their lives, taking us from the birth of the idea to the proposal. Actual footage from their weddings gives a glimpse into the joy of that day as they truly become one.


The topic of marriage would not be complete without addressing the big picture. Through giving us the gift of marriage there is something the Lord wishes to show us about himself. Each story featured in To Be One sheds light on some unique aspect of that eternal truth: the purest act of love, Christ’s sacrifice for His bride and His proposal to mankind.


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