. . . 85 minute documentary featuring three couples’ journeys to marriage     

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"This documentary was incredibly interesting. It tells the story of three radically different

courtships through interviews with both the couples and their parents before and after

the wedding. It was very encouraging to see these couples' journeys..."

~ Jasmine Baucham (Daughter of Voddie Baucham)


"I loved hearing the sweet stories that each couple shared. I learned a lot from their

testimonies and enjoyed hearing the perspectives of both parents and children before

and after marriage. Much to think about. I highly recommend To Be One to anyone

who is looking for an alternative to the “dating mindset."

~ Stacy McDonald (Author of "Passionate Housewives Desperate for God")


Be prepared to shed a few happy tearsI think I went through a whole box of tissues in

the hour and a half I spent watching To Be One! I am excited to recommend this video

to Christian families and hope it will give young people a desire to honor God, honor

their parents, and honor each other's purity as they pursue marriage.

~ Heather Jackowitz (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine)






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